Successful Boat Show

The Boat Show today was a huge success.  The MPS class and two boats at the event, one inside the venue and the other out on the water.  We were fortunate to have Bruce Keen visit during the day and provide an insight into sailing a MPS and pointers on setup of a new boat.  This is very useful and it all makes a lot more sense now!

As the SE wind was fairly strong no test sails were allowed however Bruce Keen gave us a demonstration sail that showed us all how “easy” it is to control the boat and have a huge amount of fun.  We also had the local MD of the ACO Group, Marco Cassol, at the event on his first visit to Cape Town.

Many thanks to Bruce, ZVYC, and all those that made today happen.


IMG_3956 IMG_4027 IMG_4076 IMG_4185 IMG_4339Musto Skiff SA Promo 2