2013 MPS Annual Survey results …. Get an insight into the class

The results of the 2013 Annual MPS survey have been published and make for interesting reading. This is the 11th year that the survey has been completed.  Below are some key points from the survey, with the full feedback on the link: http://www.mustoskiff.com/survey/2013/results/2013-results3.htm

Survey Overview
– Responses from 23 countries, solid growth of activity being show in most countries
– 32% of responses came from people who don’t own a Musto Skiff
– There is a growth of the youth section – Good to see younger sailors joining

Social Media/Communications

All metrics in the area of social media and on-line activity saw strong growth
– 67% of respondents are Facebook users but only 23% used Twitter
– 75% of Facebook using respondents “Like” the Musto Skiff Fan Page
– 93% of respondents rate the class website as Excellent or Good
– 89% of respondents rate the class on-line forum as Excellent or Good

Feedback from non-Owners
– 30 non-MPS owners are looking to join the fleet; of those 3are looking for new boats

About the sailors
– Age range of the class continues to drop as used boats become cheaper; 21% of the respondents were 29 or below
– Weight centered round 80-84kgs but it is gradually decreasing probably due to more younger sailors
– 87% of the respondents were aware that the Worlds had been attended by 105 boats

About the Events and Training
– 100% of sailors rated the competition at the European Championships Excellent or Good
– 100% of sailors rated the social events at the European Championships Excellent or Good
– 97% of trainees rated their coaches level of knowledge as Excellent or Good
– 96% of trainees rated the contribution of top sailors as Excellent or Good

About the Class 
– All MPSCA Committee Members have been re-elected
– The age categories have been agreed at Youth < 23, Master >45 and Grand Master >55
– A number of minor edits in the class rules have been passed and a new set of rules will be published following ISAF approval.
– Only 22% support pushing the class forwards for Olympic Equipment Selection; this figure declines every year – This is the lowers ever figure in response to this question.

About Future Events
– 100 respondents stated they plan to attend their local EuroCup / National Championships …
– 49 respondents stated they plan to attend Kiel Week in 2014
– Typically most people will only attend one international championships per year

About Our Sponsors
– 94% of respondents would recommend Ovington Boats
– 70% of respondents would recommend Musto Performance Clothing

About Our Sport and the Economic Environment
– 50% of respondents are being hit by the economic “squeeze” 
– This is most commonly resulting in delayed equipment upgrades and less event travel
– 78% said activity at their local club is growing or stable

Finally some interesting clips from the comments sections:

What are your thoughts about sailing as a sport in general and what the future holds?

MPS is quite an interesting challenging class but I am astonished how many beginners can learn to sail after a few hours (with lots to learn ofcause). Had about 10 beginners or sailors from other classes on my boat in 2013.

Love sailing my Musto and grateful for the helpful conversations with cttee members- a friendly lot. Glad to see Mustos multiplying in the north of Scotland.

Still too many dying classes clinging on to life, spreading people too thinly – mainly an issue in the UK. Too many leave the sport after the Olympics-focused RYA youth system.

Sailing has a good future, with the coverage of the olympics and Americas cup interest has never been higher. The hard for sailing is getting people to make the 1st steps into boat ownership.

As any full day/weekend sport (completely committed attitude to sacrifice your weekend is needed) it is under a lot of pressure as a competitive sport. This will not go way. However very succesfull initiatives such as summernight competitions at the sailing clubs seem to become bigger and bigger and get people back in dinghies.

I am new to sailing (4 years) and have only had my MPS for one month. I am interested in the challenge of learning to sail the MPS in big breeze, and in inspiring my son to love sailing (Opti now). Competing in regattas does not really excite me. I associate with like-minded sailors that sail for the joy of it.

It seems that sailing lost its attractiveness for youngsters. They prefer Playstation, etc…

It’s getting more professional with less volunteer work at regattas etc.

Sailing is a fantastic multi- faceted sport with a niche for virtually all ages, physiques, competitive instinct and depth of pocket. I think that the sport has an exciting future provided that rising costs of fuel, boat ownership, insurance and club fees don’t turn it into the elitist preserve that some already consider it to be. 

Anything else you’d like to feed back to the committee and/or the builder?

I only picked up a second-hand boat 3 months ago, but have been very impressed with the class and support from the association!

Thank you for your work! You are doing a great job!!!

Good job, good boat, thank you all.

Personally, I would like to thank the class for welcoming the growing weymouth fleet with open arms.

Good job guys, looking forward to next year and planning for Perth!

Excellent class. Huge amount of work by volunteers. I’m too light for the class to compete in windy weather but there is no other class that comes remotely near the MPS for quality of sailing and class organisation.

Doing a great job!! Keep it up. You have a fantastic product to promote and you are doing it well. I now have a second boat and am getting my kids to sail it as I believe the Musto is the best boat getting around.