Boat Finance now available

The SA Musto Performance Skiff class is very excited to announce the availability of boat finance for the purchase of new boats.  We believe that the product offered by Maslow Finance (they finance most bicycles purchased in South Africa) will be a game changer in the growth of our class, and sailing in South Africa.

The details are as follows:

  • The purchase price, including additional accessories, is agreed and a finance application is submitted by the purchaser to Maslow Finance
  • Subject to a successful evaluation by Maslow Finance, the funding is approved
  • A minimum of 20% is payable as a deposit
  • The balance is repaid at a rate dependant on the payback period; 1 year funding at 10%, 2 year funding at 12%, and 3 year funding at 14%.  The rate is fixed for the period of the loan.

These rates are very competitive and the process very simple, an ideal combination to get you on the water with the most exciting boat!  There is still time to get your hands on a boat for the Southern Charter Grand Slam at TSC!

Contact us for more details, or alternatively further information is available on the Maslow Finance website.  Thanks to the South African Sailing federation for putting this in place!