MPS have arrived but cannot get off the ship!

The first container of five MPS have arrived in Cape Town on 5 December 2013 however due to a SE wind of over 40 knots they have been unable to upload the container for the last two days.  Here is to hoping that the wind dies for a few hours and we can get the “toys” off the ship!  We are told to be PATIENT!  Would you be patient in these circumstances?

Ningbo Express awaiting unloading

Ningbo Express Container Ship awaiting unloading

MPS Skiffs on way to SA – ETA- 5 Dec

The container ship Ningbo Express is now mid Atlantic on its passage to Cape Town with its precious cargo of five Musto Performance Skiffs.  The current ETA  for the ship in Cape Town is the evening of 4 December so it is going to be a tight schedule to get the boats cleared and out of the container by the weekend.  Fingers crossed ….

Some interesting stats on the Ningo Express:

  • Length: 70.5  Musto Performance Skiffs
  • Width:  9.4  Musto Performance Skiffs
  • Current speed 17.3 knots ……


2013 Annual Musto Performance Skiff Survey

The annual Musto Performance Skiff survey for 2013 is out.  This survey has been performed for the last 11 years and is for both prospective and current owners of the Musto Performance Skiff.

Get your voice heard and complete the survey.

Complete the 2013 survey, or view the previous years survey results

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5 Musto Skiffs on Way to SA

5 New Musto Skiffs were packed into a container at the Ovington Factory on Tuesday 5 November and are awaiting the ship bound for South Africa.  The ship will leave the UK on 11 November with an ETA of 2 December in Cape Town.  Lots of excitement!

Musto Skiffs packed in container for shipping to SA

Musto Skiffs packed in container for shipping to SA

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SA Musto Skiffs in Production

The production slots at Ovington boats has arrived and the 5 MPS destined for South Africa are now in the production phase – hulls have been built and they are now being fitted out.

The Masts are being completed by the mast manufacturer Seldon and then the boats are on their way to South Africa!



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